Exploring content strategy

Written by Jay Manaloto

As early as last month, August 2014, I knew next to nothing about content strategy, content marketing, and custom content. But on August 27, something happened — I attended a MadCap-hosted webinar by content strategist Mark Baker. Although Mark’s presentation focused on EPPO topic-based authoring, it opened the gateway to the world of content strategy. What is it? Let’s find out.


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Blast from the Blogger Past

Written by Jay Manaloto

Earlier this week, John and I agreed to redirect the URL of our previous blog (http://stcnevada.com) to our new URL (http://stcnevada.wordpress.com). He was concerned about tying this loose end “so no potential visitor is left behind”. I agreed. So now, this domain redirection will remain in place “for a month or two” or whenever John decides to close the previous blog account. Cool, that’s done! But on a more amusing note…

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Bowling at the Brooklyn Bowl

Written by Jay Manaloto

Brooklyn bowling! Just as planned — okay, maybe not quite as planned — the STC Southern Nevada chapter took a break from its monthly sedentary meetings to enjoy a refreshing round of bowling over the weekend. The date: 5:30 pm on Saturday, July 26, 2014. The site: Brooklyn Bowl at the LINQ Las Vegas!

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