Greetings from your new Chapter President!

Written by Kate Tinklenberg

We decided to use the blog to communicate our chapter meeting minutes, so here it goes….

Original post

Chapter meeting held March 2nd, 2011:

Attendees: Kate, Jen, Eugene, John S., Lonna, Janice, Janet


  • Meeting location: For now, it was decided that chapter meetings will be held at 4100 W. Flamingo Road, Suite 2200. It is centrally located, provides wired Internet access, and is free. :-)
  • Vice President election: Please welcome Janet McCreary as our new Vice President! And a big Thank You to Eugene for all of his hard work over the past couple years, especially with coordinating and managing our presentations.
  • Member outreach: We talked about how to grow the attendance at our meetings. We want to make sure that you get what you want out of being part of a chapter. So, Janet, or another member, will be contacting you over the next couple months to learn more about you and understand what we could do differently to make these meetings more meaningful to you.
  • Presentations: Potential presentations in the works include Writing for Translation (Kate), Writing for and with Microsoft (guest speaker), Updates to our chapter Web site (Lelia), Writing for unmanned aircraft (Janice), and a Demo of Snagit (Lonna). If anyone else has an idea for a presentation, please contact myself or Janet.
    • Several members want to expand the topics of our presentations to include new and cutting edge technologies, and SMEs on products and services of interest to our community. Some ideas brought up were the cloud, software as a service, and how to use YouTube for instructions. Janet and I will try to incorporate these types of presentations as the year goes on. If anyone has any ideas or knows any SMEs on these topics or any other topics, please contact us.
  • Summer outing: There was a general consensus to change the activity and location of the summer outing this year. Many ideas were brought up, including Mt. Charleston, Red Rock Canyon, Valley of Fire, Spring Mountain Ranch, Ethel M’s Cactus Gardens, a potluck picnic, or a service activity. If we decide to do something outdoors, it was suggested that we move the date to an earlier month to avoid the heat. Janet and I will narrow down the list to 2 or 3 activities and put it to a vote at a future meeting.

Thanks to everyone for the great discussion and ideas! We’ll see you at the next meeting on April 6th.

Your President,
Kate Tinklenberg


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