Hello SoNev STCers!

Written by Kate Tinklenberg

We had an eventful and fun meeting on Wednesday. Here’s what happened….

Original post

Meeting held Wednesday, April 13th, 2011 at Starbucks:

Attendees: Kate, Janet, Eugene, Jen, John L., Lonna


  • Location:┬áJohn Shipman threw his back out a few days ago and is OK, but heavily medicated and limited in movement. Understandably so, he forgot to let us know that he would not be able to attend our meeting and thus we would not be able to meet at our regular location. And so we improvised and held the meeting at Starbucks down the street. We wish John a speedy recovery and hope to see him at our regular location next month. However, we are looking into alternatives, just in case.
  • Announcements:
    • Janet McCreary and I have agreed to share the responsibilities of the President and Vice President and instead be Co-Presidents of our STC chapter.
    • Coming soon: MySTC Network on the http://www.stc.org website. This will be a social networking site, similar to Linked-In and Facebook, for STC members (and guests).
  • Summer outing: After looking at several options, the group decided to pick a Saturday sometime in June and get together for a meal and a service activity. We will be volunteering for an activity provided by http://www.volunteercentersn.org (affiliated with the United Way).
    • ACTION: Take a look at the June volunteer calendar (remember, we’re looking at a Saturday) and start thinking about the activities in which you would most like to participate. See the June calendar on http://www.volunteercentersn.org to learn about the activities available to us in June.
  • Survey results: We decided to move this item to next month because Starbucks wasn’t very conducive to showing slides and they wouldn’t let us Skype with our remote members.
  • The SoNev STC chapter website (http://www.stc-nevada.org): As most of you know, our website is horribly out of date. Several members over time have commented on the need to update our site, but up until now, we haven’t had someone willing or able to dedicate the time necessary for this task. Now, John Limon has agreed to take on the task of updating our website. He has some great ideas and a vision for revamping our site. Thank you, John!

At our next meeting….

  • We will decide as a group on the service activity that we will participate in and the day. We will also identify someone to take on the task of organizing the event – sign us up, coordinate any travel arrangements, send out announcements, etc.
  • We will discuss the member outreach survey results.
  • And much more… !

Thanks for such a fun-filled meeting!
Kate Tinklenberg


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