Hello STCers!

Written by Kate Tinklenberg

Here’s what happened at our last STC meeting on 7/20/2011… blogspot-20110725

Original post

Meeting on 7/20/2011:

Attendees: Kate, Janet, Lonna, Eugene


  • Reflection on Pantry Pals: We really enjoyed our time delivering food to seniors and hanging out at the cafe afterward. We want to do more!
    • Our next service activity will be Three Square’s Sock Hop Bingo on Wednesday, August 24. We hope you all can make it and bring your family and friends too.
    • We also want to give our skills and talents to other non-profit organizations. To this end, we are contacting the other non-profit groups that meet in our meeting space to offer our services. Some services/skills that we know we can offer are: mail merge; editing/proofreading/grammar checking; website content editing, organization, and usability; brochures; instructions and procedures; manual and guides. We will evaluate all requests and assign each request to volunteers to manage and deliver the project. We will be cautious to make sure we only take on projects we can deliver with our limited resources. If anyone is interested in getting involved in this service activity, just send Janet or Kate an email.
  • Revisited survey results:
    • Skype!!! Now that our location challenges have been resolved and we have Skype working again, we have confirmed that we have responded to the number 1 suggestion from the survey, which was to provide a telecommunication option to all of our members. We hope to “see” more of you at future meetings now that you can Skype in from home. Skype makes getting involved with STC easy. You don’t have to worry about traffic or commute time. You can call in when you want, listen or not listen to whatever you want, etc. And you still get all the benefits of networking and knowledge-sharing with other professionals in the community that do what you do.
    • Free food!!! Our new location provides us with free snacks and refreshments at all meetings. Yum!
    • About half of our chapter members replied to the survey. Janet is going call the rest of the chapter members and try to get their input too. Stay tuned for results…
  • Ideas/visions for our chapter: In our last pseudo-meeting (at the cafe after Pantry Pals), we threw around a lot of great ideas and visions about how we want to improve our chapter and make it more valuable to everyone. In this meeting, we started a running list of these ideas/visions that we will revisit at each meeting. We also started to prioritize these ideas/visions. We commiserated over the fact that we have such good ideas and such little resources to actually see them come to fruition. To this end, we decided that for next year, we will choose one idea/vision that we will execute and see to completion.
  • STC summit summary: Janet was able to attend some of the STC Summit this year. She is usually pretty giving with her access to Summit at a Click, so if you’re interested in the replays of any sessions, send her an email.
  • Presentation (Kate): Writing for translation: We ran out of time. Moved to the next meeting.

We hope to see you at our next meeting on Wednesday, August 17th, from 6:30-8:30 at Glazier’s Food Marketplace on Warm Springs.

Your chapter co-president,
Kate Tinklenberg


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