May Meeting Minutes

Written by Kate Tinklenberg

Here is a summary of our May meeting…

July meeting

For our annual July activity, the group decided to do a service activity. Thank you Sally for volunteering to research volunteer opportunities. We will also go out for a meal before or after the activity, depending on the time of day. There will not be a regular meeting in July.

Chapter website

Our website is really coming along! Check it out:

We spent most of our meeting discussion our new web site. We spent some time tweaking the navigation, but most of the conversation was about the current and future content, and brainstorming future content ideas. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to contribute content. Have you ever thought about starting a blog, but don’t have the time to keep up with it? The STC chapter web site is a great way to publish your ideas and get your name out there without having to maintain your own site.

The sections of the site that need your help include Articles (future, better, name TBD), Vegas Life, and Networking. Here is a reminder of the type of content we envision for each section:
• Articles: Articles or posts by members about technical writing, such as tips/tricks, presentations, lessons learned, tech writing humor, and things of that nature. Do you have a tip/trick or topic that you want to share?
• Networking: Information about networking with other technical communicators in Las Vegas. This section will include a summary of our partnership with ASTD, a link to the LV ASTD chapter, and a link to our SoNev LinkedIn group. As new job leads come up, they will be posted to this section, as well as any new networking relationships, such as relationships with UNLV.
• Vegas Life: This section is for fun stuff about Las Vegas outside of STC – to dispel the Vegas myth that we all live on the Strip. :-) For example, new restaurants you like, or a local’s perspective of a tourist spot.

During the meeting, the group brainstormed article ideas. If any of these ideas inspire you, write it down and send it to John. He will post it to the Web site.
• It’s good to have a backup
• Shackled creativity
• The blank page
• You might be a tech writer if…
• This page intentionally left blank
• Tech McNuggets (trademark issues???)
• One more change
• What happens in ambiguity, stays in ambiguity (I have some ideas for this one, so if you do too, please contact me before you post)

We also brainstormed ideas for the Vegas Life section. If anything speaks to you, please write it down and send it to John.
• The Vegas art scene
• Photography
• The outdoors in Vegas
• Restaurants
• Revitalization
• What is Vegas to you?
• Observations
• What do you do in your free time?

As we fill the site with more content, we will continue to review the site as a group and decide what and how to update it to best represent us. The web site will also be a constant agenda item to make sure that we are regularly posting to our site and keeping it fresh and exciting.

Progress on our 2013 priorities

1. Explore and create a relationship with UNLV where we focus on donating our tech writing skills. Potential ideas include providing editing services on site or off site for dissertations, grant applications, class papers, proposals, resumes, etc.

No new status this month. John is going to try some of his contacts.

2. Volunteer as a group in community service activities such as Three Square or the United Way of Nevada.
No new status this month.

3. Explore a mutual relationship with the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD).
Reminder: STC members can register for one ASTD meeting for free. The upcoming meetings/events include:
• June 21st: Presentation/discussion about the book “Crucial Conversations” – how to have those difficult conversations in the office

4. Continue to have presentations, but from outside the group. We felt that we had exhausted our internal knowledge, but still wanted to have presentations from outside our group when the opportunities arose.

Raf agreed to present about STC Summit at our next meeting. He also agreed to present about 7 zip at a future meeting.

5. Donate our tech writing services to other non-profit organizations.

No new status this month.

Next meeting

Our next meeting is June 19th at Whole Foods in the District from 6:30pm – 8:30pm. I hope to see you all there!


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