Bowling at the Brooklyn Bowl

Written by Jay Manaloto

Brooklyn bowling! Just as planned — okay, maybe not quite as planned — the STC Southern Nevada chapter took a break from its monthly sedentary meetings to enjoy a refreshing round of bowling over the weekend. The date: 5:30 pm on Saturday, July 26, 2014. The site: Brooklyn Bowl at the LINQ Las Vegas!

Personally, I probably hadn’t bowled since college, but it was still amazing fun trying to figure it out again, like figuring out how to ride a bike again. Is this ball too heavy? Are the finger holes too tight? Does it match my shirt? How do I swing this thing? It took me a few frames to find some kind of flow or rhythm, but ultimately, I was happy enough to conjure a couple strikes plus a spare for a dismal yet satisfying 101 points. Better luck next time!

A couple of things to point out. First, when I first walked in, I expected to see all 32 bowling lanes in one impressive open floor. But this wasn’t the case. In actuality, the 32 lanes are split into 2 levels, so you only see the 16 lanes on your level, which naturally, isn’t as impressive. Second, while the atmosphere of the bowling and adjacent live music stage was great, the music was perhaps a bit too deafening. Huh? What did you say? Can you repeat that?

Afterwards, as we began to order dinner, I handed out 6 little plastic trophies. We didn’t have a true team-versus-team battle, but I thought they could still serve as cute little mementos. Then the food! While Raf and others enjoyed the popular fried chicken, Kate and I tried the “Greek” and “Theresa” French bread pizzas. Wow, huge pizzas! We tried our best, but as stuffed as we were, we had to surrender halfway, which was still a lot. Everyone had some fun chatting about the food, other restaurants in town, family photos, Facebook photos, and of course, the ever-entertaining Facebook dramas.

Now, speaking of drama, here was the most chaotic part — paying the bill. For some reason, since Brooklyn Bowl couldn’t split our dozen-party group bill into separate checks, and not everyone brought cash, we had to pull out our smartphone calculators, challenge their controversial charges, then calculate each person’s 8.25% tax, as well as the unexpected 22% large-party gratuity. Ouch! Luckily, it only took a half hour to clear up. But still ridiculous. Fortunately, in the end, these annoying hiccups were outweighed by the collective experience of bowling, dining, chatting, and simply having fun.

Thanks Raf! When’s the next bowl?
















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