Launching our latest STC look

Written by Jay Manaloto

Social media! First, let me start by giving my thanks again to Raf for organizing the Brooklyn Bowl bowling bash. I had a great time. But before the bowling festivities began, as we waited for bowlers to arrive, I also had a chance to speak to him about our new blog direction.



About 4 weeks ago, I shared my brainstorm about re-imagining our STC site as a free blog instead of a paid one, so that the group wouldn’t have to endure the hassle of paying for or renewing our domain and host services every few years. Both Raf and Sally agreed and gave me permission to start the process of putting together an initial “proof of concept” or demo.



Because of my familiarity with,, and the ease of the WordPress platform itself, it took me only 2-3 days to export the posts and pages from the paid blog, import the XML file into the new free blog, and lastly, clean up the posts, pages, images, and categories. I also didn’t want to announce everything too quickly without final confirmation from Raf and Sally.



Well, at the Brooklyn Bowl bash, I finally received their approval to move forward. So here’s our new STC blog! I’ve also tried my best to match the look of our blog header and logo on our other social media sites at Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter too. Yup, that’s right, Twitter! Although I might not share very many original tweets, it’s still a great way to retweet related technical communication issues or events to others who do decide to follow us. As of today, we have 9 Twitter followers!



Admittedly, we still have a few chores to do, such as updating our new logo and URL on our featured chapter page at, and updating the new location for our monthly meetings. But other than that, I think we’re ready to go. So feel free to explore, send your comments, and shoot your criticisms. If you’d like to share an article to post on our blog, feel free to contact me through any of the above channels, or through a comment on our very own blog.

Finally, to Raf, Sally, Kate, and John, I hope I can fulfill your expectations as our first Social Media officer.


2 thoughts on “Launching our latest STC look

  1. Wonderful work, Jay! We’re so pleased with how it’s all coming together and I’m excited to see where it takes us next. It’s on my schedule to write some articles so we can keep the site populated and fresh. Thank you for your hard work.

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