Blast from the Blogger Past

Written by Jay Manaloto

Earlier this week, John and I agreed to redirect the URL of our previous blog ( to our new URL ( He was concerned about tying this loose end “so no potential visitor is left behind”. I agreed. So now, this domain redirection will remain in place “for a month or two” or whenever John decides to close the previous blog account. Cool, that’s done! But on a more amusing note…

This morning, on a random whim, I initiated a search for “stcnevada” and stumbled across some intriguing results — including our original blog at, haha! With only 9 posts sprinkled from 2008 to 2011, the blog gives a glimpse of the chapter’s earlier years. Pretty interesting. Since it would be sad to abandon those lost-long posts, I decided to salvage-and-paste them into our current blog. Feel free to take a peek by clicking our “hidden” Blogger category.


But here’s the funniest part. In her old April 15, 2011 post about the April 13 meeting at Starbucks, Kate mentioned that their STC chapter website ( was “horribly out of date”. So I took a peek at the old URL. Assuming that the STC chapter no longer renewed their domain, this URL is now — years later — the home of a Japanese tutorial on “how to borrow money from a bank”. No joke! You can’t make this stuff up! Enjoy the original Japanese version and Google’s English translation!




4 thoughts on “Blast from the Blogger Past

  1. LoL! I’m glad, though, you saved those old blog posts. They serve as a reminder where we’ve been.

  2. OMG! I can’t believe you found those old posts. That is so cool! And that is hilarious that our old site is now a Japanese bank site. Too funny!!!

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