How do technical writing and microlearning intersect?

Written by Jay Manaloto

In the last few weeks, I’ve had the unique opportunity to investigate the popular eLearning authoring tool, Adobe Captivate, as an exciting new way to deliver our content. But before I investigated too far into Captivate, I first wanted to finish up another older proof-of-concept (POC) that I started in Sept-Oct 2015, assembled 90% of it, but never had the time to finish. That is, until this past weekend. I finally finished my 1-minute “microlearning” POC for more mobile, on-the-go eLearning.

Back in Sept-Oct 2015, inspired by the MinutePhysics YouTube channel, and the Grovo microlearning service provider, I wanted to try out a 1-minute video POC. So I spent about 26 hours to storyboard, script, then design the “slides” in Adobe Photoshop. Then 6 months later, this past weekend, I spent the final 4 hours to set up my new microphone, record with SourceForge Audacity, edit the audio with Adobe Audition, and assemble and sync the audio and video in Movavi Video Editor. A total of about 30 hours for a 1-minute video POC. But I’m pretty proud of it.

UX60 – IBM TRIRIGA UX in 60 seconds – What is MVC?

The idea is to prove that a 1-2-minute learning experience can be effective for more mobile, on-the-go learning. Which is why I followed the examples of MinutePhysics and Grovo. So I’ll very likely carry the same tone, pace, and flow to any future Adobe Captivate projects. Will it be quicker to create in Captivate? I’m not sure yet, but I hope so. It would also be more flexible and robust than pure video, with templates, characters, animations, interactivity, and simulations. How much more flexible? How much more robust? I guess I’ll have to find out, won’t I?


4 thoughts on “How do technical writing and microlearning intersect?

  1. Great job, Jay. I really like how you synchronize voice with the slides. The video is both visually and audibly captivating.

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