2016 Guest Speakers

jackApril 20: Jack Molisani

“Career Advancement through Personal Branding”

From our guest speaker, Jack Molisani:

I recently went to a conference where attendees’ name tags included the phrase, “Ask me about… [then the answer attendees provided when registering].” While the intent was to give attendees a way to break the ice when networking, I realized the whole concept of personal branding could be summarized by that simple statement, ‘Ask me about…’

How is technical communication viewed in your organization? Does your boss’s boss think of your department as a core part of the development team, or a burdensome commodity to be acquired at the lowest possible price given an acceptable level of quality?

What are you doing to promote your corporate value and advance your career?

What should people ask you about…?

About the Speaker

  • Jack Molisani is the president of ProSpring Technical Staffing, an employment agency specializing in technical writers and other content professionals: http://ProSpringStaffing.com
  • He’s the author of Be The Captain of Your Career: A New Approach to Career Planning and Advancement, which hit #5 on Amazon’s Career and Resume Best Seller list.
  • Jack also produces the LavaCon Conference on Content Strategy and Tech Comm Management which will be in Las Vegas this October: http://lavacon.org
  • Jack will raffle a free entrance to LavaCon, bring your business card for the drawing!

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