Aug 2016 Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

  • Prepared by: Jeanne Mccabe, August 20, 2016


  • Sally White
  • Niles Johnson
  • Raf Adame
  • Sean Wippert
  • Jeanne Mccabe
  • Zee Zolnay

STC Chapter Business

  • Scott Citron, Certified Financial Planner and Schwab VP, will present, “Financial Planning for Technical Communicators.” The meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 21. If anyone has any questions for Scott, please email them to Sally before the next meeting.

Member Presentation

  • Sean led a Working Group Presentation on Section 508 Accessibility
  • Sean brought in an Adobe Handbook sent to him by a potential employer who asked him to make 40 pages of this document 508 compliant. Sean projected the document on the presentation screen and Sally went through pertinent sections. We looked at the tags (or lack thereof in the document), ran the checkers, looked at error messages, fixed errors (singularly and in block), and discussed the importance of tagging native documents to avoid thousands of errors. Sally talked about other 508 projects she has had and her recent efforts to request funding from her employer to pursue 508-related education and software.
  • We had planned on a resume and LinkedIn workshop but had problems getting online. This was a great substitute. Section 508 compliance is legally required for federal documents, and many large companies have lost court cases due to non-compliance. It is likely that all technical writers will have to create and edit documentation compliant with Section 508. We all benefited from this spontaneous workshop and wish Sean the best in his job search.

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