Jul 2016 Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

  • Prepared by: Jeanne Mccabe, July 23, 2016


  • Sally White
  • Jeanne Mccabe
  • Niles Johnson
  • Raf Adame
  • Zee Zolnay
  • Matt Hernandez
  • Lelia Wright

STC Chapter Business

  • Sean Wippert, vice president, will be relocating to California. When he leaves the chapter, Niles Johnson has agreed to serve as new vice president.
  • STC warns of an email scam targeting chapter treasurers.
  • Sally and Raf will present information on PDF documentation and PDF properties during our October meeting.
  • Sally will contact Scott Allshouse regarding a speaking opportunity in 2017. Scott’s field of expertise is Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals.
  • The next meeting is Wednesday, August 17. Members will share information about their use of LinkedIn. All are welcome to present their profiles.

Member Presentation

  • Sally presented a STC Summit recap. Members engaged in an open discussion.
  • The Keynote Address was given by David Rose, MIT Media Lab Instructor and author of Enchanted Objects, Design, Human Desire, and the Internet of Things. The network, or connectedness of things and people, is expected to be a $14.5 trillion industry in the next 4 years. How this automation will affect technical communications should be considered and planned for now. Will the written word become obsolete? How much content will be automated? David Rose was enthusiastic about the IoT and how it will benefit our lives. Members discussed the impact of connectedness on our lives and our concerns about its lack of privacy.
  • “The Future is Now” was a break-out session on how technical documentation is moving toward technical communication. We can expect words to be replaced with images to describe processes and products.
  • Work on STC certification is robust. STC members can submit articles to the STC Body of Knowledge (BOK).

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