How do you write content that delights users?

Written by Jay Manaloto

Recently, while catching up on old PDF issues of Intercom, the monthly magazine by STC, I found a February 2015 article that advocates a “delightful” approach for technical docs. In his article, Barry Grenon observes that technical writers “default to a formal style” that sounds robotic and encourages “remaining invisible”. By focusing on cost and maintenance, writers fail to engage or delight users. But let me ask you this: How do you know if you’ve forgotten to “delight users”?


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How do technical writing and social media intersect?

Written by Jay Manaloto

Let’s be honest. Technical writer isn’t the sexiest job title. We don’t get the fanciest gadgets or the largest piece of the budget. It’s not a job that a grade-school or high-school student looks up to the first thing in the morning, assuming he or she knows what it is. In fact, even grown-ups don’t necessarily aspire to be technical writers or consider the job to be their first career choice. More often than not, it’s the other way around. Folks don’t seek to be tech writers; it’s the tech writing job that seeks them. As an information developer — which sounds only slightly sexier than technical writer — with a Civil Engineering degree, I can definitely identify with that point of view.

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